Friday, March 30, 2007

Fiji - Mana island

Landed in Nadi and stepped off the plane into an incredibly hot and humid climate, with happy Fijians singing to us as we disembarked and entered the airport building. I decided to go straight to the remote resort of Mana island in the Mamanucas, about 1.5hrs off the coast by hydrofoil. I just wanted to spend 5 days there on the beach and relax on "Fiji time"...something that had been lacking the past few weeks. The first few days the weather was great and I was snorkelling and kayaking and lying in the sun. Then the weather turned and the island got slammed by a cyclone with the heaviest downpours I have seen in a while...

Fiji is not the cheapest place and represents little value for money, so I was not that keen to stay too long anyway. Some locals stole a few of my T-shirts from the washing line, which was quite annoying considering I hadn't brought that many with me...what was worse for me though was that among them were two really nice ones that Nuria had bought me before I left. Now Fiji was starting to get on my nerves, so I was not too sad about getting the boat back to Nadi to fly out and get back to Auckland.