Sunday, April 29, 2007

Australia - Melbourne

When I arrived in Melbourne I was happy because I knew some people here, the first place that this has happened on the trip. I stayed the first night in the city and looked around a bit.
The next day I met up with Mick Gavin and headed out to his farm near Romsey (about 1h north of Melbourne). It was nice and quiet out there and I mainly just relaxed and helped to feed the cows from time to time. One day we went shooting with rifles, but just target practice. After a few days of hanging out and watching Mick's DVD's, we headed back into the city for Anzac Day (commemorating Australian and NZ soldiers who fell in wartime). We watched the Aussie rules football on TV and had a few drinks , as the parade was already over. Mick - cheers for having me!

My next port of call was to go down to Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula and meet up with David and Maisie Burson, Gwen's parents. They moved from Ireland to Australia to enjoy their retirement. After only a few days in Australia, I could understand why. Their house is great and even has a swimming pool, so I spent an afternoon enjoying that! The next day we went on a day trip down the Great Ocean Road as far as the "Twelve Apostles". It was an excellent day trip and took in some beautiful coastal scenery. David and Maisie - many thanks for your kind hospitality and for treating me so well!