Monday, April 30, 2007

Australia - Melbourne - Aussie rules

Aussie Rules

On Saturday evening I met up with Mick and his mates to go to an Aussie rules "footy" match at the Telstra Dome stadium in Melbourne city. Apart from watching the match on Anzac day, my knowledge of the game was very limited. I thought the rules were basically that there were no rules, but it's actually more structured that that... I'll not bore you by explaining them here though ;) We went to see Carlton play Brisbane, and we were supporting Carlton. It is a rough and fast game and takes a long time (almost 2.5hrs) to complete. The scores are very high, but Brisbane just manages to beat Carlton in the final minutes (126 to 116 I think). Was interesting to see as it's a really big thing "down under" to watch the footy - there are some real fanatics.