Saturday, July 07, 2007


After Indonesia I flew back to Singapore for a few days to meet up with my Irish friends Rachel and John, who are ex-pats living and working there. From the airport I headed to their flat and spent a relaxing evening catching up. The next day we spent in the blistering sun watching the Guinness Asian Gaelic Games. Not the most touristic thing to do in Singapore, but a good way to spend the day... The games were a huge success and we had an enjoyable time there. Afterwards we went over to Santosa island for a beach party, complete with buffet and live music. The party went on until about 5am. The night time temperature was pretty much the same as during the day, so very hot and sweaty on the dancefloor (which was the beach).

The next day I went around the city for a while and took the dog for a walk. On Tuesday it was time to move on again. Next stop Thailand and Bangkok.