Friday, February 16, 2007

Argentina - Landing in Ushuaia - Tierre del Fuego

Monday 12th Feb.

Arrving in Ushuaia by plane is a pretty scary experience! The plane comes in over the mountains to land on a strip of concrete jutting out from the mainland, in the shape of a sideways T parrallel to the coast. The approach is close enough to the mountainous terrain to be uncomfortable... then suddenly the pilot makes a steep dive down towards the runway. Extra braking power is applied upon landing, probably to avoid over shooting the runway and landing in the sea.

Glad to be on the ground again I grab a taxi to take me to the Antartica Hostel near San Martin Av, the town's main drag. Due to the delay in Buenos Aires it is late. Time to go to sleep in order to be fresh tomorow for exploring "the southernmost city in the world".